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Part of achieving Wellsville's goal of inspiring children and families to eat healthy, move more and feel good is to present people in the show who are in various stages of this process. None of us has arrived or achieved perfection in any of these areas. To inspire our viewers, we think it's vital to have on the show children and adults who look like our viewers, whose body types may not fit Hollywood's version of beautiful but who are working toward wellness nonetheless. Just as people of varying ethnic backgrounds stress the importance of having people in TV and media who look like them to inspire their children (President, Barack Obama, Sonya Sotomayor, are two examples), so too people of varying body types need to see people just like them making healthy choices (Dove's Real Beauty campaign is a case in point). We do not want to risk having kids and families look at Wellsville show guests and think, "I'll never look like that. Why even try?" Instead, we want them to see a cross-section of the real world and see themselves living better and striving for good health.   We also believe that the most important thing we can nurture is a beautiful and generous spirit and that true beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. To teach children, even subliminally, that they should look a certain way undermines this important goal.

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