Recipe Description


- 6 servings
- ½ cup cracked wheat (bulgur)
- ½ cup boiling water
- 2 tablespoons apples juice
- 2 tablespoons lemon juice
- 1/8 teaspoon lemon zest
- 1 stalk celery, sliced thinly on the diagonal
- 1 large red apple, cored and diced
- ½ of a large carrot, grated
- 1 tablespoon minced Italian parsley
- 1 cup red seedless grapes cut in half if large


Place the cracked wheat, water, apple and lemon juices and the lemon zest in a mixing bowl and allow to soak, covered, until all the liquid is absorbed, between 30 minutes and an hour. Add the remaining ingredients and chill before servings.