Wellsville is a program of WellFit Incorporated a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to educating, entertaining and empowering children and their families to L.E.A.P. – Learn, Embrace and Actively Practice – optimal health in mind and body.


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Wellsville Family Fun Day!

Join us for Wellsville Family Fun Day and November 7th!

Location to follow :)

Wellsville wants to thank you!

Thank you to all our supporters and donors who made Erie Gives such a success for Wellsville.

Your contribution directly impacts many kids, families and schools. We greatly appreciate your support!

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Wellsville is a program of WellFit Incorporated, a 501 c 3 non profit organization.

Support Wellsville while shopping on Amazon

Did you know that you can support Wellsville while shopping on Amazon and it’s free? Wellsville is the program of Wellfit Incorporated, a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization. You can select Wellfit Incorporated as your charity of choice and Amazon will donate a small percentage of all eligible purchases to Wellfit Incorporated. You […]

Wellsville will be at the Millcreek Mall – Oct 17th

Wellsville will be at the Millcreek mall with the with the Erie County Medical Society!

There will be a family and kids area as well as interactive fun where kids can learn ways to to be healthy and fit through games and activities. There will be a prize drawing and caricature artist.

The ART of Eating

Did you know that we eat with all of our senses? That’s right! Most of us just think about the taste of food when we eat, but taste is just one of the many senses that play a role in eating. We also eat with our senses of touch and hearing or sound…whether a […]

Don’t Worry….Be Happy

What makes YOU happy? Did you know that most people choose positive family connections over money or fame when asked what makes them happy? Eating dinner as a family is one of the ways to encourage a strong connection among family members. Research shows that the family dinner table plays quite a big role […]

ABCs for your EYEs

We all know that carrots are good for your eyes, but do you know why? Carrots, like other orange veggies and fruits such as winter squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cantaloupe are high in Vitamin A and contain powerful antioxidants to protect the tiny cells in our eyes from damage. These cells can become […]

Bone up for better health

Have you ever thought about eating for a healthy spine? There are nutrients that are most important for a strong back. One of these is calcium. Most of our bone growth happens between ages 9-18. If your diet does not provide enough for what your body needs, your body can take it from your […]


Nutrigenomics is the study of the relationship between nutrition, genetics and health.

Scientists want to have a better understanding of how nutrition impacts how our body works to help prevent the development of chronic diet related diseases such as obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. The idea is to improve your health by making good choices […]

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