Wellsville is a program of WellFit Incorporated a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to educating, entertaining and empowering children and their families to L.E.A.P. – Learn, Embrace and Actively Practice – optimal health in mind and body.


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The 8th annual Wellsville Family Fun Day and Science Fair is almost here!

The 8th annual Wellsville Family Fun Day and Science Fair is almost here!
Fun active play area, hands-on health learning stations, crafts, face painting, caricature drawings, a chance to win a bike, a treasure chest item for each child, hands-on super science (S.T.E.M.) activities and more! A great family extravaganza!

Saturday, November 3rd from 11 a.m. […]

Come and join us for the Y’s Healthy Kids Day, April 21st

Come and join us for the Y’s Healthy Kids Day. This event will be open to the public!

April, 21 2018 — from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Family Fun Day at the Millcreek Mall

Family Fun Day at the Millcreek Mall Nov. 4th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Lots of fun, educational interactive stations for the family.
We will have a prize drawing for a boy’s and girl’s bike too.

Brain Boosting Foods

It is so important that we exercise our brain and try new things to challenge ourselves every day, but it is also important to fuel our brain with the proper foods that can help our brain function at its best every day.  Have you ever noticed that when you have not eaten for an […]

Stressed Out – Do This Instead of Turning to Food

Have you ever been stressed out before?  You may think that is a silly question, but we need to prepare ourselves for stressful situations because they are different for everyone.  What might be stressful to one person may be relaxing to someone else. It is important to recognize stress when it presents itself. One […]

Be a Germ Buster in the Kitchen!

Germs are everywhere!  Millions! Since we cannot get away from them, we need to learn the proper way to help keep them at bay, especially when it comes to being in the kitchen preparing foods.  Germs can be found in the kitchen and on the foods that we eat.  They can make us very […]

The Power of the Media and What We Eat

Screens are everywhere! Where? Screens are in our living rooms, at the doctor offices, in schools and on airplanes to name a few. Depending on how much we are exposed to the media we can sometimes be overwhelmed by all of the ads we see and the jingles we hear promoting a certain brand […]

Mind Your Manners When… Eating

When we think of manners, we think of words like please, thank you, excuse me, and may I.  But did you know that not only using kind words are mannerly, but also manners can be demonstrated by the actions we do every single day.  A
simple smile, a head nod yes or opening the door […]

Help our Environment by not Wasting Food – Here’s How

It is so important that we take care of our environment and one way that we can do this is by being mindful of the portion sizes that we eat, as to eliminate food waste. When we think of throwing food away, we may not think anything of it. But there is a lot […]